Mr. Bhupendra Farasi & Mr. Kshitij Farasi

Way back our great grandfather returned from World War II when we were settled in Dehradun. He took us all to our village, Farasu so as to take blessings from Dhari Devi and to remind us the roots. He always wanted us to stay connected to our culture and joined the forest department from where he retired as a range officer. After retirement he started his own business & established a pharmacy at Ajabpur, Dehradun by the name; "Rewa Dhanda Pharmacy" in 2003.

After my father’s demise we rarely returned to Srinagar though we always wanted to. One of my uncle’s met with a car accident in Rudraprayag. I (Bhupendra Farasi) used to travel often with wife Sushma and son Shitij. Later on the way back we decided to visit our ancestral land and house. As I observed, my days in Srinagar made me realise the unemployment in the city, the lack of resources and much more. That’s when I decided to come up with a new project and help the locals.

We then came with an idea of opening up a resort with all the facilities we can think of so that we can employee & support locals. Also, it keeps us close to our ancestral home and always remind us of them. We stress on employing local women to manage our resort. This is our humble effort towards female employment.